Monday, June 18, 2012

Redemption by Bryan Clay

This is a story of Bryan's life and how he was redeemed out of a life of anger and violence and through the encouragement of some key people in his life was able to channel that energy into something positive. Bryan became a great track and field athlete in high school and continued on through college and competed on all the various levels including winning a gold medal at the 08 Olympics. I appreciated Bryan's insight at how he was doing everything for himself and to relieve the anger he felt inside but as he grew and through many people praying for him he came to trust God and compete for His glory instead of His own. I thought this was a very inspiring story and I can see how his life story could definitely help influence teens in a very positive way. I think it's wonderful that Bryan has a passion to help youth who come from broken homes just like he did. All in all, I say this is an inspiring story to read.