Monday, April 25, 2011

Christy Miller & Sierra Jensen Departures by Robin Jones Gunn

This is a book that has two novellas in them . The ever popular author Robin Jones Gunn does a great job with her characters Christy and Sierra. In the first part, Christy goes to her grandparents 50th wedding anniversary and runs into her elementary school crush. As they spend some time together she also spends some time watching her grandparents to learn what it means to have the type of marriage that can last 50 years. In the second part, Sierra goes on vacation with her friend Jana and they expierence all the fun of being fifteen and boy crazy. Sierra watches her older friend Jana and tries to figure out for herself who she wants to be in God. A good book for teens.
I received this copy free from Waterbrook Multnomah for review. I was not required to give a good review.

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Light to My Path by Lynn Austin

The final book in the Refiner's Fire series continues to go through the events of the Civil War but from the slaves perspective. The author takes us on a journey through the war and how it affected slavery. The three main characters are all so different with Delia being steadfast in her faith, Kitty having no self-respect or love for herself and Grady who is so full of anger and bitterness because of all he's been through. A very good read.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One of my all time favorite books. This book takes you on an adventure that is an allegory of the Christian life. The author does an amazing job with the characters and creating an "Arena" that is so much more than meets the eye. A great book for discussion as well.

Her Daughter's Dream by Francine Rivers

I loved this book. This is the follow up to Her Mother's Hope which was an extraordinary book as well. The characters that are developed in this story are amazing. I loved how you follow 4 generations of women and how decisions that are made are impacted down to the 4th generation but it doesn't have to continue, the cycle can be broken and God's love can cover a multitude of sins. I highly recommend this book but make sure you start with Her Mother's Hope or you won't understand the full impact of what's going on in this book.

Her Mother's Hope by Francine Rivers

Considering Francine Rivers is one of my favorite authors I had high expectations for this book and I certainly was not disappointed. This book had me hooked from the very beginning and I completely enjoyed the character development. Marta's character is thoroughly developed I felt like was right there along with her. Once she started writing from the viewpoint of Hildemara it was so intriguing how perspectives are so important. What a great story about a Mother's love and a daughter's desire to know it. I loved this book and cannot wait to read the conclusion to the story in Her Daughter's Dream.

Black by Ted Dekker

The beginning of the "Circle Trilogy" is quite a story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through the two worlds that Thomas Hunter is living through. You have to like fantasy to enjoy this but it is quite thought provoking and makes you imagine what it would be like to live through a world with no idea of what evil is. On the other hand is a world full of evil and one man's journey to stop it. I am looking forward to following these characters into the next book.

Winter Haven by Athol Dickson

I read this book because I loved River Rising and wanted to read another novel by Athol Dickson. I was not disappointed. This is definitely a suspense novel with many strange happenings on that island of Winter Haven. I was glad that most of the questions were answered in the end and they certainly are not what I would have expected. Good read!

Last Light by Terri Blackstock

This was an interesting book as it starts out with planes crashing out of the sky and all communication is halted. It seems that some sort of EMP has curbed all technology and everyone is forced to figure out how to live. I enjoyed how it really made me think about what would I do in this situation. How I would make it if there were no cars, no running water, no communication. 

She Walks in Beauty by Siri Mitchell

A historical romance that takes place in the late 1800's in New York City among the elite of the city. Clara is about to debut for the season and she needs to "catch" the most eligible batchelor for the sake of her Father and Aunt. I enjoyed the details of what these girls went through to debut in society. I didn't realize how dangerous those corset's were. I thought this was a really good book.

The Apothecary's Daughter by Julie Klassen

This book is about a girl who longs for bigger and better things outside her small town and her father's apothecary shop. She gets the opportunity to live for a time in London and spends time trying to find a husband. But when she learns of her father's illness, she goes back to her father's shop to help run it while he is sick. I enjoyed this book and I love reading about this time period. Of course she gets in big trouble because she is a woman and isn't allowed to do the things an apothecary is supposed to do. There's also a sweet love story woven in. I thought this was a good read.

A Bride in the Bargain by Deanne Gist

I thought this was great. I appreciate the fact that the author based the book around facts. She thoroughly researched the era and I loved that this story was based on an event that actually happened. A sweet romance novel that I would recommend

Candle in the Darkness by Lynn Austin

This is the first in a series called Refiners Fire. I really liked this book. It takes place in Richmond, VA right before the beginning of the Civil War. The main character, Caroline has a great relationship with her slaves and loves them dearly. When she has to go live in Philadelphia for two years she sees a whole new way of living and gets involved with an abolitionist movement. When it seems the war is going to begin, Caroline goes back to her beloved home in Richmond. The war unfolds and we go through all the hard decisions Caroline has to make to endure this war. I thought this was a really great story and I highly recommend it. I am anxious to read the next in the series.

Fire By Night by Lynn Austin

Fire By Night is the second in the Refiner's Fire series and I continue to love this series. This book takes place from the Northern perspective. Julia comes from high society and is expected to go out in the social circles to find herself a husband but she is only interested in the Reverand. The Reverand thinks she is too selfish and shallow and when she over-hears him say this she is determined to change his opinion about her. She becomes a nurse and sees more of the war than she ever could have imagined.